Charlotte Geyer Foundation

The Charlotte Geyer Foundation provides interim funding up to $100,000 to researchers who have submitted an original R01 or R21 proposal to the National Cancer Institute and have not received a fundable score.

The Foundation reviews proposals three times each year. Submission deadlines are as follows:

March 15, July 15 and November 15
The submission deadlines have been established to speed the funding process. Researchers may apply to the Foundation as soon as NCI Summary Statements are received and before the proposal goes to Council.

Award announcements are made within thirty days.

Over 85% of Charlotte Geyer Foundation funded proposals go on to receive NCI funding

More than 175 proposals have been funded since 1991


The Charlotte Geyer Foundation provides grants up to $100,000 to help researchers prepare a revised proposal. The following R01 and R21 proposals will be considered by the Foundation for funding:

  1. First submission R01 and R21 proposals (no A1 or A2 proposals).

  2. Proposals scored up to the 40th percentile.

  3. Only current proposals will be considered.

  4. Proposals must require at least six months of additional research work prior to resubmission. Please do not apply if you are immediately resubmitting.

  5. The proposal must be eligible to be resubmitted to NCI, using the current title and proposal number.

  6. Special consideration will be given to research that has clinical applicability.

The Foundation does not accept proposals for the planning or conduct of behavioral studies related to cancer etiology or therapy in large populations.

How to Apply

No special application forms are required

Please provide six copies of the following:

  1. A summary of the proposal that includes three components:

    (A) an abstract describing the rationale, specific aims and general methodology of the project (not more than one page)

    (B) an explanation of the potential impact of this research on the prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment of human cancer (not more than one page)

    © a discussion of how the funds from the Charlotte Geyer Foundation will be used to address the score driving issues raised in the Summary Statement from the Study Section (not more than one page). Please be sure to include the expected date of resubmission to NCI for this proposal.

  2. A copy of the NIH-NCI Summary Statement evaluating the proposal submitted to NCI together with responses to the Statement’s critiques.

  3. A one to two page curriculum vitae for the principal investigator, including references to recent related publications.

  4. A proposed budget including planned starting and ending dates of the research and percent of effort of the investigator. (Foundation policy limits indirect costs to ten percent of direct. Please note that total direct and indirect costs should not exceed $100,000. We do not fund equipment purchases.)

  5. A list of all outstanding and pending grants of the principal investigator including the dollar amount, time period, name of granting agency, and percent effort of the investigator.

Proposals are assessed three times a year. Submission deadlines are March 15, July 15 and November 15, with award announcements made within thirty days of the deadline date. Proposals must be RECEIVED by the dates listed, and not postmarked by the dates listed.

The Charlotte Geyer Foundation award is for a single resubmission. The award cannot run concurrently with other funding for the same project, therefore distribution of the award is made in increments throughout the granting period.

Upon conclusion of the research, awardees are required to submit an accounting of funds granted, together with a brief report of research results and the outcome of the new submission for an R01 or other award.

The Foundation would also like to receive copies of all articles resulting from the research that are submitted for publication.

All inquiries and submissions should be sent to:

Nancy Falletta, Executive Director
The Charlotte Geyer Foundation
P.O. Box 1276
Williamsville, New York 14231-1276

For courier deliveries (FedEx, UPS, Airborne, etc.) ONLY:

9 Clarion Court
Williamsville, New York 14221

Phone: 716-632-6448
Fax: 716-632-6098


Grants Awarded in the March 2008 Review Period

Children’s Hospital Boston
P.I.— Laurie Jackson-Grusby
“Epigenetic Regulation of Medulloblastoma”

Roswell Park Cancer Institute
P.I.— Fengzhi Li, PhD.
“PDEF and Survivin-cancer prognosis, initiation, progression and metastasis”

University of Florida
P.I.— Chen Liu, Ph.D.
“Molecular Targets for Liver Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy”

University of Tennessee
P.I.— Lawrence Pfeffer, Ph.D.
“Strategies to improve the antiglioma action of IFN-B: A role for NF-kB inhibition”

Grants Awarded in the October 2007 Review Period

University of Maryland School of Medicine
P.I.— Brian Gastman, MD
“Tumor Induced Senescent and Suppressor T Cells-a Novel Mechanism of Immune Evasion"

University of Texas Medical Branch
P.I.— Chunming Liu, Ph.D.
“Novel Mechanisms of Beta-Catenin Regulation by Tumor Suppressor APC”

University of Nebraska Medical Center
P.I. — Kay-Uwe Wagner, Ph.D.
“Tsg101-a Modulator of ErbB2 Signaling in Breast Cancer”

Grants Awarded in the June 2007 Review Period

Brigham and Women’s Hospital
P.I. — Christopher P. Crum, MD
“p53 Signatures and Pelvic Serous Carcinoma”

Tulane University School of Medicine
P.I. — Srikanta Dash, Ph.D.
“Intracellular Immunization Strategy in Inhibit HCV Related Liver Cancer”

Mayo Clinic Rochester
P.I. — Stephen J. Russell, MD, Ph.D.
“Antibody Neutralization of Therapeutic Viruses”

Investigators at the following institutions have received grants:

Charlotte Geyer Foundation Supported Publications

Li Q, Qi X, Pramanik R, Pohl N, Loesch M, Chen G.
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Palomero T, Lim W, Odom D, Sulis M, Real P, Margolin A, Barnes K, O’Neil J, Neuberg D, Weng A, Aster J, Sigaux F, Soulier J, Look A, Young R, Califano A, Ferrando A.
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Palomero T, Barnes K, Real P ,Glade Bender J, Sulis M, Murty V, Colovai A, Balbin M, Ferrando A.
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Ferrando A.
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Estrogen receptor-α binds p53 tumor suppressor protein directly and represses its function. J Biol Chem. 2006;281:9837-9840.


For further information, please contact:

Nancy Falletta, Executive Director
The Charlotte Geyer Foundation
P.O. Box 1276
Williamsville, New York 14231-1276

For courier deliveries (FedEx, UPS, Airborne, etc.) ONLY:

9 Clarion Court
Williamsville, New York 14221

Phone: 716-632-6448
Fax: 716-632-6098

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